My Approach

Throughout my personal life circumstances (i.e. health and abuse related), I learned to first tackle the source of my most pressing life issues before addressing the resolve for resulting consequences (i.e. the pain). Because of its immense effectiveness in my personal life I made it the main approach for this coaching model. By utilizing this approach to pain management you too can take control back from the negative effects of pain. And, along the journey, you may even find yourself surprised to see the drastic impact unrelated issues have on the intensity of your pain. This acknowledgement will prove to be an important part of your journey towards pain management.

Meet Your Coach



Phoebe Walker, MAL

Mindset Coach

Mrs. Walker holds a Bachelor’s of Science in biology with a minor in environmental science, A Masters of Arts in Leadership, and a Life Coaching certification. Mrs. Walker has more than 20+ years experience in service, where she guided individuals suffering from life circumstances, trained and lead youth, and worked to raise awareness for various health and charity events. Lastly, she has more than 12 years experience in public speaking where she has presented on personal development at churches, shelters, and public venues; emphasis on surviving hardships with good coping mechanisms, informative on health issues, and efforts to motivate individuals to personal action and personal development toward more resolution in their own lives.

For those who suffer with regular pain, Mrs. Walker is the perfect example of how to effectively manage pain daily. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001 and endured a year as a blind invalid due to MS. That year concluded with a DNA test and positive diagnosis of the BRCA 2+ breast cancer gene, which lead to a double mastectomy with reconstruction and a complete hysterectomy. Mrs. Walker is no stranger to pain. She handles herself delicately, compassionately, and honestly with an extra dose of kindness. Combine her intellect with her strong desire to live life to its fullest and you won’t go wrong by using her as a major resource in your journey towards a more fulfilling life with better pain management.

6 IMG_9790

My Second 5K "fun run"

This race took place 12 months after the first race with an 80 minute completion time. I was overjoyed to celebrate a 45 minute completion time during this year, almost half the time from the first year. What an affirmation of tremendous joy and healing these two completion times represented in my life. (Pictured is myself and my husband.)

dance pix

Then dancing commenced...

End of May 2016, I felt confident enough to begin a new activity to further improve my health, ball room dancing. 12 months later, I completed my first dance competition. (Pictured is myself and my dance instructor.)


disney race

Disney princess race February 2018

I continue to stay as active as possible because I've found that I truly feel much better when I am active. This mentality has left me with a level of  mental, spiritual, and physical accomplishment and reward. Of course it is alway much more fun with people you know. (Picture is myself, my daughter, and my husband and yes, I am the little one wearing the yellow "Tinker bell" hat in this picture.) I'm a dreamer for sure!

Next Steps...

If you're tired of living with pain and your ready to try something new, message me to schedule a call.