• My pain dictates when I go to work and what I can or cannot do in a day.
  • My pain overwhelms me with physical discomfort at work and during activities that I do every day.
  • My mind is swimming in an endless circle focusing on pain, medications, medical tests, doctor’s visits, and missed life events.

  • If you answered yes to any of these, then join me today with “Phoebe’s Mindful Pain Management,” mindset coaching for pain management! It was designed as a specialized transformative journey towards effective pain management.

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    What lead me to serving you through pain management coaching?

    …Without this journey, I would not have an abundant, functional, and fulfilling life today, you too have the same choice. Come check out a small piece of my story below…


    My journey started here…

    IV infusions to make it so I could see and walk…

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    I started fighting back…

    I wanted to fully live, so I pushed my outer limits as often as I could. This was my first 5K “fun run.” I pushed my wheel chair the entire distance and did not sit in it until I crossed the finish line. This race was completed in One hour and 20 minutes. Today I clock 45 minutes or less.



    I want to share with you how to create your own success story because you too have everything within yourself to achieve effective pain management. With your pain under control, you have the potential to go beyond your greatest dreams. And hey, Who doesn’t want that kind of abundant life?

    Next Steps…

    If you are ready to make that first step toward taking control back in your life and leaving the life halting effects of pain behind you, contact me to schedule a discovery call right now!

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